The New Burn band – San Nygia, Eli Irvine, Phil Lunn, Me, 2013, photo by Simon MK Crow.

Bands and solo recordings

I have played in and fronted different bands over the years playing live venues in and around London.  This is a rock album i completed 10 years ago and features playing, input and production help from Joe Holweger, Jim Pannell, Victor Davies, Gavin Hammond and John Morrissey. 

I learned many skills in recording and producing this record. I am very proud of the album.

One More Time
Patch You Up
Running At This Pace
Phone Call
Smashing Song

Acoustic Recordings

Take What You Can Get
Days Of Doubt
Patch You Up – acoustic
Runnning At This Pace – acoustic
Phone Call – acoustic
Down In Flames

Some of the wonderful friends i have performed with over the years.

Early days when the band was named ‘Ultraviolet Pilots’
When 5 became 3 and ‘Black Hand’ was born
Jim Pannell, Spencer Pearce and Joe Holweger
Featuring Tom Lown, John Morrissey and Joe Holweger – Ultraviolet Pilots
Honour Thy Guitar
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